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Pepper Spray- Portable Personal Protection

These days, there are so many reasons why you can feel unsafe, even if you live in a small community. Defending yourself is a lot easier than you may think – have you
thought about protecting yourself with easy to use pepper spray? is one of the most used form of around, and by learning more about it, you will
soon realize that this can be a powerful choice for self – protection.

Pepper spray is a chemical compound that irritates the soft tissue found in eyes to cause pain, tears, and even temporary blindness. The primary ingredient in pepper spray
is , a chemical derived from hot peppers. While it was originally used by police for riot control, it has made it has become a personal self-defense tool as well. It can
be used without training, and is a very portable and convenient method of self -defense.

Pepper spray usually come in cans that can be kept in a purse or pocket and in times of danger be brought out to spray an attacker. The range of pepper spray varies
depending on what brand and model canister you use, but as with any aerosol product, you will want to be as close as possible to the target.

A canister of pepper spray can be a lifesaver when you are being attacked.  Remember, once you spray the attacker with pepper spray, run from the area as soon as possible. Also remember that people will react differently to the spray, so don’t count on an attacker being down for a set length of time; just move away from the area as soon as possible! Also, always keep the pepper spray pointed away from your face.

You should feel comfortable and safe everywhere you have to go, and pepper spray can help you in situations where you are threatened. Remember that the best situation results in not having to use your pepper spray at all, but having a can in your pocket or purse will provide you with an extra margin of safety. For more information about Pepper Spray- Portable Personal Protection

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