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The Internet is a powerful and modern means for communication. It breaks down global barriers, it connects people, expanded the scope of our knowledge and itís time saving. We can get all the information we need with just a click of the mouse. It is amazing how the Internet has expanded itself completely and has provided users many positive opportunities.

Internet has also become a way of life in our society; it affects our lives on a daily basis. It has changed the way we receive news, listen to music, apply for jobs, go to school and connect with friends. It also changed the way we transact business, do our work, enjoy entertainment and shopping.

But, there are serious negative aspects in using the Internet. One of the biggest issue and problem is when we become victims of cyber crime. That is why, it is very important to be aware that while we are surfing the net, we are protected of certain rights. One of the very important rights – is the .


A basic definition of online privacy is to control the access of public to your personal information securing you through secrecy and seclusion to protect you from any harm. The best Managed PC Care on the planet…


– Age

– Birth date

– Current or former address

– Current or former employers

– Current or former phone numbers

– Current or former schools

– Email addresses

– Financial information

– Gender

– Information needed to access computers, computer networks, or online services

– Lifestyle information such as travel schedules, group affiliations, clubs, favorite activities

-Details about personal relationships

– Medical information

– Mother’s maiden name

– Name, nickname, or initials

– Social Security number or other information from government-issued identification


Protecting your personal information is important. If you will not apply certain precautions to protect your online privacy, you may be at risk of online security problems like unauthorized access to your computer or to your online account and becoming a victim of identity theft through unauthorized bank or activity.

You usually purchase something you badly need. You are used to giving the salesman your credit card and you thought nothing unusual will happen but what if he comes back apologetically to say he can’t give you credit. Or you’ve just been to an interview for your dream job and you are so hopeful you will get hired but you only receive a call saying you didn’t get it and a much worse situation you will get yourself into is when you hear the doorbell ring and a policeman walks into your house and arrest you.

If you are not a victim yet, you’ll probably just ignore it is really happening and affecting lives. if it happens to you is a very big problem. Before thinking that itís wasting your time, update yourself and be aware that identity theft is a serious crime.

Most people don’t even want to think about it and they are just satisfied nothing has happen to them so far but get involve ,protect yourself ,do something and you need to, act now.

You could be the next target. Donít wait to experience purchasing something and your credit isn’t good enough. People who steal your identity don’t even know who you are, neither do they care. As long as they can take advantage of you, that’s all they want. You have to be alert all the time to any activity that concerns your money.

The first clue is any withdrawal that is not familiar to you. Any charge from your account you donít know about, you must be look into. The quicker you respond the better and the damage would be less. If creditors call – especially when you have no idea what is their concern get all the details from them. This also goes for new credit cards that arrive from the post office which you did not sign up for. Don’t be tempted to use it. If any bills or mail are missing, you should do something about it. Itís one good way for identity thieves to get information. If anyone denies you credit when you know there’s more than enough funds available to pay for whatever you want, it’s a red flag – so report it to the authorities as fast as you can. A little caution can go a long way in keeping yourself protected from any harm.

The Federal Trade and Commission or FTC did a survey on identity theft and nearly 5% stated that they had been victims of identity theft. Imagine if that is 5% of entire US population. There would be millions of people who will suffer for this crime. The ones cleaning up the mess left behind when identity theft is discover falls on the victim and it means a lot of time, effort and money. It is really a long nightmare to face that you donít want to happen to you, so think of your safety first. The best Managed PC Care on the planet…

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  1. 2 Comment(s)

  2. By Dartz on May 20, 2008 | Reply

    A lot of these internet privacy things are dead basic, it makes me wonder why even in these modern times, people still get scammed.

    It’s not as though those phishing scams and the like are convincing.

  3. By dreamr802 on May 23, 2008 | Reply

    I was a victim of idenity theft, but it wasn’t online…but it was awful getting everything cleared up. I do keep all of my information private and I don’t really do that much online. But yeah people don’t pay attention until it happens to them.

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