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The Biggest Internet Scam In Recent History

National Copper Bank, Salt Lake City 1911
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By Mikey Miller

Are you interested in hearing about the biggest internet scam in recent history? NO! Would you be interested if you discovered that it is possibly you that was scammed several months ago and did not even know it? In fact, if you were scammed back then you probably have had money removed from your every month AND you may not even know you are losing your money. Now you are interested!

This foundation for this breech of started a couple of years ago as a gift from your caring politicians and bureaucrats in the form of bank funds electronic transfer legislation. Simple stated, if you owe anyone money they (whoever) can ‘’ withdraw it from your account without your permission if they have a contract in place.

A few weeks back a neighbor lady came to me venting her disapproval because some unknown and unnamed internet company had cleaned out her banking account. She was going to complain, bring legal suit and if she could find a real person she was going to do really mean things. It took 5 minutes and three questions to find out she was into a legal binding electronic contract she knew nothing about. Read more here.

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Wow, you are going to be so surprised to learn what is going on with what Mikey Miller teaches us here, and at the Scam Alert website go and check it out and support them…

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