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The Web’s New News Thing

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By Oliver Ryan
August 1 2006: 4:06 PM EDT

(FORTUNE Magazine) — Looking to spot the next MySpace? Consider, a “social news” site caught up just now in a scrappy battle with AOL. “Social news,” you ask?


Digg is edited by its readers: Much as they would e-mail a story link to friends. “Diggers” post stories to the site by inputting the web address and adding a headline and synopsis.

OSA Editorial Comments:

This article shows that the internet is, and has changed more in the last 2 years than at any time in history. With the creation of mySpace and all the new Social Bookmarking, and Tag Clouds, networking systems is the new youths and now adults are evolving into the mySpace generation by the millions, and just the beginning of the new WWW order.

We are going to have to change with it and change fast especially all asspects of online security. This is the main driving force behind creating the Sign the Petition” website is to take ACTION and to make laws that will protect all of us.

It’s time to say: “enough is enough” or scream out from the rooftops that “Were not going to Take IT Anymore!!” We as an Internet family have to band together and force politicians, the Federal Government, and International leaders to make changes in how we treat Cyber Criminals.

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Your Online Security Authority
Bill Wardell

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