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Think twice before you post that pic on your MySpace

Words of warning about the dangers of social networks. Steve Kerrison writes on the Hexus Community that by posting personal details on social networks, students are creating great risks of identity theft, privacy loss, and embarassing themselves out of future job opportunities.

He cites a warning by Prof. Nigel Smart of the University of Bristol (UK): “I am concerned that from some of the posts I have seen, by colleagues, students and others, that there is a deep societal problem emerging of people giving up their privacy without realising it”.

Chat rooms used to be considered a prime privacy worry but they were effectively abandoned as worries about sexual predators rose.

OSA Editorial Comments:

Please take an active roll with your children no matter what choice you make as far blocking or not blocking Internet access. Show your children you care about what they do online, as well as in school, sports, hobbies, and friends.

Another option to help teens, is by becoming an active partner in the mySpace craze. Make your own profile find out what all the excitement is about and show them how you would surf and add friends and why you as a parent would also want to make correct choices and be safe (adults need to be safe also). Teach them how to use common sense and show each of your children the proper way to enjoy the Internet. Itís a great teaching moment!

Your Online Security Authority
Bill Wardell

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