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Top 10 Facts About Human Trafficking or Modern Day Slavery

When most people hear the word slavery they think of the past. It is a word that brings up visions of the terrible wrongs committed against a variety of peoples throughout the history of the world. From studying the pyramids of ancient Egypt to learning about the history of colonial America, slavery is something that is almost always talked about in the past tense.

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What most people don’t realize is that slavery is alive and flourishing even today. And I’m not talking about something that is happening in third world countries. Slavery is, at this very moment in time, a world wide problem that is thriving in every single country the world over, even here in the modern super power nation of the U.S.A.

One of the many ways that human traffickers in industrial nations like the U.S. come by victims is by luring unsuspecting children away from their homes through the use of tools like the internet. Make sure that your children and teens know the possible dangers of becoming involved with or especially agreeing to meet up with anyone they meet on the internet. Also take the time to discuss with issues like slavery with your children so that they are aware of the world in which they live and the dangers they should be vigilant against.

As with any problem we face as a global society, information and exposing problems to the light off day is one of the best ways to fight this terrible injustice committed against millions of human beings. Wrongs always grow strong in  the darkness and thrive in an atmosphere of ignorance. With that in kind here is a list of ten facts about the horrific atrocity that is modern day human trafficking. Hopefully these facts will entice those who read them to investigate further and find ways to put an end to a practice that has gone on far too long.

1. The fastest growing criminal industry in the world.

2. Traffickers generate billions of dollars in profits worldwide each year.

3. Sex trafficking is the most common and lucrative segment of the industry.

4. About 17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked into the United States of America every year.

5. The number of American children at risk for trafficking into the sex trade each year is estimated around 200,000.

6. In many countries throughout the world, even though human trafficking is illegal, traffickers operate with no fear of being brought to justice.

7. There are around 27 million slaves in the world today.

8. The average cost of a human slave is about $90.

9. It is estimated that 4 million men women and children are bought and sold each year.

10. In the U.S. alone trafficking generates about 9.5 billion dollars a year.

Share these facts with your friends and help bring about more awareness about a trouble many Americans consider to be a issue for the history books. And make sure to continue your research and look into the organizations that are working to bring an end to human trafficking in all its forms. Together we can help to expose these type of issues and bring about a world we can all feel better about.

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As Always Be Safe Online, and if you find you have topic’s or ideas on other subjects that you would like us to investigate or create a list please email us our use our contact form.

Thanks for all the support and please Learn IT, Teach IT, Share IT!

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