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Top 10 Online Propaganda Techniques Used to Promote Hate

Throughout history hate groups have been a part of society. Wherever you find people of different social, ethnic, or cultural backgrounds living together you will find groups which rally around a common hatred for those who seem different from themselves.

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The definition of a hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates in-acceptance, aggressive behavior or physical or verbal attacks towards members of a racial group, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. And, though these groups have been around for as long as there have been diverse societies, through the use of new tools like the internet these groups have found brand new ways to spread their hate filled ideologies.

Though, as adults, we are usually able to spot these groups and avoid them as much as possible, for an impressionable youngster, or teen looking for a group with which to identify, these hate groups can seem like a welcoming community of friends. The best way to help your child avoid falling into a the lure of a hate group is to educate them to the techniques these hate groups use to recruit members.

These techniques are the propaganda techniques used by hate groups for centuries that have found a quick and efficient mass distribution system in the internet. Teach you child to spot these propaganda techniques and they will be much better equipped to avoid the recruiting tools of these dangerous radical groups.

10 Online Propaganda Techniques of Hate Groups

Word Play ~ Wordplay in propaganda is the use of words with positive associations to refer to members of the in group and the use of negative words to refer to the target group. Wordplay is often more subtle than direct insults and relies more on association of positive or negative emotions with the groups than name calling.

Name Calling ~ Name calling is both using insults about the target group, such as calling them stupid, worthless, etc.. and the use of derogatory slang terms created specifically to refer to the target group.

Symbols ~ Hate groups use symbols as an easy and powerful way for people who share the in group ideology to identify with each other. Often these symbols are adopted from other uses where they may not have had any hate related significance at all, such as the Nazi‘s use of the Hindu swastika.

Imagery ~ Imagery as propaganda is used to depict the target group in an unfavorable light. This is basically a visual form of word play or name calling. Think of the way African Americans used to be depicted in many American media forms.

Religious Authority ~ Many hate groups give their leaders titles with religious affiliations and use interpretations of scripture or other religious materials to promote their ideology.

Scientific Legitimacy ~ Hate groups sometimes distort scientific or academic works to make it seems as though their ideology is supported by scientific findings. The use of pseudo-scientific studies, which are made to fit into an ideology, is also a common practice amongst these groups.

Nationalism Playing on nationalistic feelings is another tactic of hate groups. Here the groups promote their ideology as part of a national heritage or an issue of national security.

Fear Mongering ~ In the use of fearmongering the in group promotes the idea that there ideology is in the interest of the public good. They paint the target group as dangerous or out to get you. Ironically, the hate group will often try to paint the target group as a hate group in order to create an atmosphere of fear among the general public.

Smoke and Mirror Tactics ~ Often hate groups will try to disguise their real intentions and gain support through some other cause. Then they can promote their ideology only to in group members while claiming support of more mainstream groups.

Historical Revisionism ~ With historical revisionism the hate group reconstructs historical facts to help present a version of history that supports their ideology. Since any depiction of history is hard to prove as wholly accurate this gives the group a means to promote their version as the real, often suppressed, account.

By knowing the tools these groups use and how to spot them we take away one of the major means they have of surviving; the recruitment of our children.

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