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Wells Fargo customers will be able to import any electronic or digitized documents…

Wells Fargo is promising its customers Security and convenience with its new vSafe service. The Web-based virtual safe-deposit box allows users to archive almost any file format, from Microsoft Word documents and PDFs, to audio and video files.

Wells Fargo customers will be able to import any electronic or digitized document into pre-established folders, such as “Medical” and “Family,” which will help users organize their documents. Users can create or delete folders to personalize the storage solution, and can just drag and drop their documents into those folders.

A study of the bank’s customers revealed that three-quarters of their participants “weren’t happy” with their own document management. From a battered shoebox stuffed with papers to unreachable manila folders on top of the refrigerator, customers’ homemade storage solutions were neither secure nor convenient.

Wells Fargo is making accessing and securing documents more manageable and allowing for remote access. From the catastrophic (accessing insurance policies after a house fire) to the more routine (getting copies of medical records while you’re traveling), the the Web-based vSafe service, however, gives customers secure access to their files at any time, from any location, unlike hard drives and other archiving solutions.

The down side to this? vSafe is intended only as a backup storage solution, it’s not as good as the original, It’s a copy.

An Online Vault

The vSafe service, Smith adds, leverages the same security measures and stores customer data behind the same firewall that the bank uses for its online banking platform.

A Green Solution

In addition to helping customers organize their document storage, the vSafe product also can help the environment, it will help lessen customers carbon footprints by having customer statements uploaded to their vSafe accounts automatically. Not all bank customers are ready to get rid of their paper statements, but for those customers who are looking for a green solution, the new Wells Fargo service is “very green — and secure. A public rollout to personal banking customers and small business clients is scheduled for the summer.

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