The Top 10 List 4 The Top 10 Security Issues Four 2 Thousand 10, 11, 12, 13…

We had such a great response for our last series of Top 10 lists… the (30 Top 10 Ways)!! we decided to do a brand new updated Top 10 Lists for the Top 10 Security Issues for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

We hope that you find our research is useful and pays big dividends, in giving you the tools necessary and especially the knowledge to protect you and your family… but importantly Keeping Our Children Safe, should be every persons responsibility in this new net generation we all find ourselves in now, closing out the first decade of the millennium…

The first Top 10 list is based on a very hot topic right now, and is fast becoming a nation wide and global problem that it is called: SEXTING

We featured this Security Issue in one of our our recent OSA eZines… OSA Investigate SEXting to get more information and more of an understanding of how big, this problem really is:


As new as this trend is figures from a recent study suggest that it is far from rare. The results of the study suggest that up to 40% of teens have been asked to send nude photos of themselves electronically and possibly up to 20% of teens have actively engaged in sexting.

Please check out all of the other Top 10 List… as they become available:

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Special Report : top-ten-ways-to-protect-your-online-privacy

Also, if you have not seen our first series Top 10 Ways List… Go Now The Best 30 Of The Top 10 Ways

As Always Be Safe Online, and if you find you have topic’s or ideas on other subjects that you would like us to investigate or create a list please email us our use our contact form.

Thanks for all the support and please Learn IT, Teach IT, Share IT!

Your Online Security Authority

Bill Wardell

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