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Deterring Thieves Helps To Preventing Identity Theft

If you want to prevent identity theft, then you have to know what types of information your not-so-friendly identity bandit is looking for. He or she wants as much information as possible with as little effort as possible.

preventing identity theft
Social security numbers and dates of birth are the number one targeted pieces of information. But there is other data as well. Preventing identity theft is possible but you definitely have to be proactive if you do not want to suffer the consequences later.

Have you taken a good look at your garbage lately? No, not the smelly kitchen garbage filled with banana peels and egg shells; the paper trash from your office. identity theft credit perpetrators love finding old bills and credit card statements in garbage. If you think they will not dig through stinky garbage, then you are mistaken.

You can prevent identity theft by making sure your garbage holds no personal information they can use. Shred those papers with a cross cutting shredder and you will be thwarting their efforts. The thief goes through the garbage and begins collecting bits of data about you. Before long they have your personal information.

Simple practices can teach you how to prevent identity theft. Most of the information is common sense. Do not discuss personal information over the telephone. Do not toss out your old bills and junk mail without cross shredding them first. And the most important prevention technique of all is to continuously monitor your credit.

identity theft information
Going over simple practices on how to prevent identity theft are often the best tactics to use. Do not conduct personal transactions over a cell phone in a public place. Make sure and cross shred all of your documents before you throw them in the trash. Always monitor your credit report by subscribing to the three major credit reporting agencies. And always be aware of who has access to your personal information. These simple techniques can go a long way to protecting your identity.

Yet don’t forget about internet identity theft. When purchasing online or paying bills, make sure the host site uses encrypted software to protect your info and continue to check with identity theft services. These simple techniques can go a long way to protecting your identity.

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