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Network Compliance Training

Your employee’s is only as good as the training they receive and the information that is provided and retained. In todays business our data security is very important.

One company, Covetrix (, specializes in network security and tackles the newest security threats on a daily basis. Why not let our experts use this information to design your security awareness program?

What are some of the challenges managers face when creating a security awareness program?

1. Finding curriculum customized to your
2. Training (self-training distribution and / or class enrollment)
3. Keeping track of employee course completion
4. Testing to ensure the class is actually working
5. Tracking test scores and remediation
6. Security awareness reminders (such as , posters and newsletters)

With so many new complex threats going beyond the standard pharming, phishing, and vishing attacks, assaults are now focusing on the end user or client side exploits. It is more important than ever to educate your users/employees about these risks.

Most security awareness training programs are simply not enough. Even with extensive training, the knowledge gained on these topics is often forgotten in just a matter of weeks, usually because of a lack of interest or because of the approach of the material presentation.

What approach to security threats has your company taken?

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